Our Services

Knife Grinding

We offer in-house knife grinding for custom profiles. We can match an existing pattern or help you design a new pattern.

Stock Products

We carry a selection of stock profiles from crown to base and casing. See more in our stock product pages

Wood Paneling

We specialize in curved or straight wood paneling, finished and unfinished, in any available wood species. We have a wide selection of flitches to choose from. We can book match or sequence match, as well as do custom layups. Your choice of core, from standard to fire-rated. We can pre-finish to match your sample.

Moldings available in MDF

We use the highest quality MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Reclaimed sawmill by-products make it environmentally friendly and the least expensive paint-grade. Available in lengths up to 16 feet. Molding available primed four sides.

Curved & Radius Moldings

Curved moldings made to match your existing profiles or choose from our stock patterns. Milled from most any wood species. Specialty items include curved crowns, archway, handrails, bases, chairrail, and jambs (template required in most cases).


Our wide belt sander can accommodate most any hardwood or softwood sanding needs. With its 2-head/2-roller setup it can sand wood up to 3-1/2`` thick and up to 36`` wide (call for pricing).


Our two-sided surface carbide Strato planer can accommodate hard- or soft-wood up to 4`` thick and 24`` wide. With a sorting chain we can sort, grade, and bundle your units to your specifications. From 1 board to multiple units we can meet your planing needs (no green wood, please).


Our 2 OGAM Ripsaws accommodate hard- or soft-woods up to 3-1/2`` thick and 11-1/2`` wide. No job is too large or too small. Straight line rip one edge or gang rip. We can grade and cut out any defects or sap. Units sorted and bundled to your specifications.


With a 6`` blade and tilting bed, our resaw accommodates most any hard- or soft-wood up to 4-1/2`` thick and 12`` wide. From standard straight cuts to beveled side, we can meet your needs.