Wood Moulding and Paneling

Nearly two hundred wood molding profiles are available from stock, including: Door & Window Casing, Wood Crown Moulding & Wood Cornice Moulding, Cove Moulding, Wood Chair Rail Moulding, Baseboard & Base Moulding, Applied Panel Moulding, Bar Rail and more!

Decorative Wood Rosettes, Wood Appliques, Wood Onlays

Wood onlays are made from superior premium selected hardwood. Inspired by nature, created by masters our wood onlays, rosettes, appligues are perfect for interior design and craft projects. Wood onlays are great for embellishing decorative boxes, decorating plain furniture, or adding extra details to mirror and picture frames.

Decorative Wood Moldings

Our luxury wood molding collection features high overlay patterns designed to greatly enhance the beauty and depth of any space or object. Made from superior grade wood and resin, our collection replicates the look and feel normally found on custom hand carved pieces.