Decorative Wood Rosettes, Wood Appliques, Wood Onlays

Wood onlays are made from superior premium selected hardwood. Inspired by nature, created by masters our wood onlays, rosettes, appligues are perfect for interior design and craft projects. Wood onlays are great for embellishing decorative boxes, decorating plain furniture, or adding extra details to mirror and picture frames.


Wood carvings are commonly used for creative interior design projects. You can create beautiful designs using wood carvings on fireplace mantels and pediments (over door panels). By incorporating wood onlays into pilasters or wall panels you will be able to add your unique personal touch to your interiors.


Quality carvings can enrich virtually any surface. Wood onlays create a splendid look on any door or ceiling panel, in combination with other architectural products (medallions, moldings etc.) wood carvings can be used in creation of an impressive ceiling designs.


Triple sanded smooth surface of our wood onlays allows for perfect finish. All wood onlays can be finished using stain to enhance the natural look of the wood. Or you can finish your wood carvings by painting them with any household paint. All and all, for a person with imagination and creativity there are endless opportunities of bringing the energy and beauty of wood carvings into your life.

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Decorative Wood Moldings


Our luxury wood molding collection features high overlay patterns designed to greatly enhance the beauty and depth of any space or object. Made from superior grade wood and resin, our collection replicates the look and feel normally found on custom hand carved pieces.


This collection features decorative wood molding that is made from the highest grade wood. There are many types of wood molding options available, with complementing designs that will elevate your space or object from mediocre to astounding. Choose from wood crown molding, wood baseboard molding, wood molding for door trim, wood panel molding, and decorative frieze molding. Made from a specially formulated wood composite material and sculpted into the design, many of our decorative wood moldings feature a deep relief, lending intricacy and realistic detail to the design. Our wood moldings may be used alone as a solitary element and design statement, or enhanced by another decorative wood molding.

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Wood Moulding and Paneling


Nearly two hundred wood molding profiles are available from stock, including: Door & Window Casing, Wood Crown Moulding & Wood Cornice Moulding, Cove Moulding, Wood Chair Rail Moulding, Baseboard & Base Moulding, Applied Panel Moulding, Bar Rail and more!


We offer custom patterns for commercial molding and paneling projects. You can browse our online catalog of profiles to get an idea of the work we do or download our catalog in PDF format. Our specialty is custom work, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.


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