Wood Moulding and Paneling

Quality wood mouldings and architectural woodwork have built a solid reputation for Assiotis in Cyprus, where it was founded in 1959.


Nearly two hundred wood moulding profiles are available from stock, including: Door & Window Casing, Wood Crown Moulding & Wood Cornice Moulding, Cove Moulding, Wood Chair Rail Moulding, Baseboard & Base Moulding, Applied Panel Moulding, Bar Rail and more!


Most profiles are available from stock in either Poplar, excellent for all interior paint grade applications, or Cypress, recommended for stain or paint-grade exterior applications. Some profiles are also available in Cherry, Mahogany, Red Oak, Soft Maple, and other wood species.


Assiotis ships most moulding orders via courier, up to 2.4m in length. Longer lengths are available up to 4.8m but typically incur much higher shipping costs.


Custom wood moulding profiles can be milled to match drawings or samples, from a variety of wood species, such as: Ash, Cherry, Cypress, Mahogany, Poplar, Red Oak, Soft Maple, Select White Hard Maple, Walnut, White Oak and more!


We offer custom patterns for commercial molding and paneling projects. You can browse our online catalog of profiles to get an idea of the work we do or download our catalog in PDF format.


Our specialty is custom work, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. All stock moulding lengths are sold random from 3′ to 16′. Specified lengths are available by quotation.


Most Popular Items



Code Dimensions


Swedish Pine

per meter





€ 1.25

€ 1.50

€ 1.75





€ 1.25

€ 1.50

€ 1.75

A3 16×7



€ 1.25

€ 1.50

€ 1.75

CA 15×15, 18×18

25×25, 28×28

35×35, 45×45

€1.20, €1.50

€1.55, €1.80

€1.90, €2.75







6×6, 8×8

12×12, 14×14



€0.50, €0.70

€0.90, €1.00

€1.20, €1.50




€ 1.25

CC 6x16x80


€ 0.75


Please contact us for prices for Samba, Poplar, Beech, Meranti, Red Oak, White Oak, Mahogany, e.t.c.

Discount 11-50 pieces: 10% / 51-100 pieces: 15% / 101-1000 pieces: 30% /  >1000 pieces: 40%


You can download our catalogue here >>>

Base shoes are primarily used to trim flooring materials and in combination with a traditional baseboard.               

Chair rails have decorative and practical functions and they are a beautiful accent to a room.

Casing & Base – Casings are used primarily to cover up the gap between drywall and the door or window frame. Bases are used along the floor to cover the transition between the floor and wall.

Hand and bar rails are used as a hand support in a stairwell or along hallways. Often times they can be used to protect walls in high traffic areas. It is important to make sure that when installing handrails, they meet local safety codes. In addition to the handrail profiles shown in this catalog, we can make full round handrails, and returns (including radius work) to nearly any dimension.

Corners & Stops – Inside corners are most commonly used to soften the transition on the inside corners of walls, but they have a wide range of use. Outside corners are used to protect outside edges from damage and abrasion. Stops are used in door and window applications to “stop” the door or window.

Crowns run along the wall at the ceiling. Crown moldings are used where walls and ceiling meet. They are used to cover large angles, and are always sprung. Crown molding profiles are measured by the width, and then by the length of the profile. Crown molding can also be used as a transition to a mantle or a shelf, or even in conjunction with other moldings for a “compound” molding.

Panel and base caps can be used as a decorative member, to trim out raised panel wall construction and to frame attractive wall coverings for a paneled effect. Base caps and panel molding can often times be used interchangeably. Base caps are used as a compound molding addition with regular base molding. Because of it’s size, panel molding has many versatile uses, especially in compound, or “built up” applications.

Tongue & groove is lumber machined to have a groove on one side and a protruding tongue on the other side, so that pieces fit snugly together with the tongue of one fitting into the groove of the other.

Cove mouldings are used where walls and ceiling meet. They have a concave profile, and for this reason, they are often used as inside corner guards, or to hide joints. Cove moulding profiles are measured by the width, and then by the length of the profile. Cove moulding can also be used as a transition to a mantle or a shelf, or even in conjunction with other mouldings for a “compound” moulding.

Bed Mouldings are used where walls and ceiling meet. They can be either sprung or plain. Bed moulding profiles are measured by the width, and then by the length of the profile.

Picture rail wood moulding is applied to the circumference of the room near the ceiling and is used in conjunction with hooks to hang pictures and/or plates, and other miscellaneous pieces of artwork. This old-fashioned application can be used, however, to simply add a traditional colonial feel to a room.

Custom Wood Mouldings – Our custom mouldings come in every size and shape, and because we grind our own knives in house, our customers come to us looking for profiles that they simply cannot find anywhere else. If you would like to order a custom profile for your job, please contact our staff, who will be happy to assist you in every regard. Come visit our shop and we can work with you in person, or send us a fax or email including a sketch of what you are looking for.